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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Zebra Forest

If you like to read a good story with lots of suspense to keep you going, you have got to read Zebra Forest! This book is the story of Annie and her younger brother, Rew. Because their mom left and their dad died in a fight, Annie and Rew live with their grandmother, a talented liar and keeper of family history. But how reliable is Gran's family history when she often seems confused and sad?
When there is a big prison break on the other side of the "Zebra," an escapee makes his way into Annie and Rew's home and takes them hostage. Who is this escapee? Will Rew's plan to get help work? Can all be forgiven? This is a fantastic story with vivid writing and a great plot twist. It is a book that both boys and girls who like suspenseful, realistic fiction will love. 

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