Welcome to the 6th grade blog for book recommendations! Here you will find book titles and reviews by genre from Ms. Logan, Mrs. Haugevik, and Mrs. Robison :) You can use this to add books to your "books to read" list, or to just start a conversation with us about BOOKS!



Fakebook Template Site:


Fakebook Instruction Guide:

Helpful Hints for Fakebook:
  • Fakebook will not let you save your template until you have created several posts. You should create your template in the following order:
    • Character Name
    • Information in the "About" section. This should include: character age, important family members, important information that makes the character who he/she is
    • "Friend" names.  This section should include all the major characters in the book.  You can add additional rows as necessary.
    • "Posts" to your character's homepage.  You can post as any of the characters you added in the "friends" section, upload videos or images, comment and like.  You need to create at least 3 posts before saving.
    • SAVE your template and record the web address in a google doc so you can go back and make edits/changes as your project progresses.
    • Change your character's profile picture, cover photo, and friends' pictures


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