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Types of Vlogs

You have several options if you are choosing to Vlog for your Book Technology Project.  Simply put, a vlog is a blog post in video form.  So the first thing you need to decide if you are choosing to vlog, is what type of vlog you'd like to create. Your options include, but are not limited to:
  • Vlog review of a book. In this type of vlog, you will be filmed talking about your book. (like in Mrs. Haugevik's review of Jersey Tomatoes are the Best here:  http://hms6thgradebooks.blogspot.com/2015/09/jersey-tomatoes-are-best.html)
  • Vlog Talkshow or Radio Show. In this vlog, you can be interviewed as a character from your book, OR multiple characters from your book,  OR even multiple characters across several books! (like Mrs. Haugevik and Mrs. Robison did with Alabama Moon and The Selection here:  http://hms6thgradebooks.blogspot.com/2015/08/alabama-moon-and-selection.html)
  • Vlog News Report. In this kind of vlog, you can interview a character or be interviewed as a character from a particular scene in your book.
Helpful Hints for a Vlog:
  • Write a script or notes before filming. You will need to make sure you are making inferences and using evidence no matter what type of Vlog you are choosing to create.
  • If you are using a green screen in order to create a different background, do not wear the same color as the green screen.
  • Use a stand to film instead of having someone hold the iPad.
  • Film the video in one take.  If you make a mistake, it's easier to start filming again from the beginning instead of compiling multiple videos together.
  • Speak slowly and clearly when filming.

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