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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skink No Surrender


     We have all heard the phrase, don't judge a book by its cover.  This statement is true for this book for two reasons.  One, the cover is a bit boring, and doesn't reflect the action and suspense contained in the pages.  Secondly, Skink, a character in the book, is disheveled and looks like he might be confused and out of touch.  However, the reader comes to find that he is actually very smart and manages to stay one step ahead of the antagonist in this exciting book.
     Skink No Surrender was a fun read. Malley seems to constantly find trouble and drama, so her parents have decided to send her to a boarding school in New Hampshire. Unable to accept the idea of moving away from Florida and having to go to a boarding school, Malley runs away with a guy she met on line. Malley has always had a close relationship with her cousin, Richard, and he realizes that he needs to find her. He is sure that she is in danger. He ends up being helped by an unusual man who is an interesting mix of characteristics. This character, Skink, is crazy, risky, intelligent, helpful, but most importantly knows how to do the right thing. Skink leads Richard on an adventure to rescue Malley from her kidnapper while helping Richard to see people for who they really are.  
     This book was surprising because it has more danger than Hiaasen's other books. There are some parts that are pretty exciting and kept me turning pages! As is true with Hiaasen's other books, he incorporates quite a lot of ecology and environmental themes into this story.

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