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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alabama Moon and The Selection

     How important is friendship?  Can we do without it?    In the video above we get to hear the point of view of the main characters from two different books.  Moon is the main character in the book, Alabama Moon by Watt Key.  Moon and his dad have lived in a cabin in the back woods of Alabama for Moon's whole life.  Moon has been taught to rely on himself and not to trust others.  After his dad dies, Moon follows his dad's instructions to travel from Alabama to Alaska where Moon's dad claims there are more people like them.  Such begins Moon's adventure and a journey to figure out what he himself believes.
     America, from The Selection by Kiera Cass, has always had friendship.  After growing up poor in the colony, she has found that friendship is something she cherishes and it doesn't cost anything.  She finds herself in the castle as part of The Selection process in which Prince Maxon has to choose his future bride.  America has agreed to be in The Selection because it is a way for her family to have more food and money.  She has no interest in Maxon, but wants to stay in the castle as long as possible to benefit her family.  She feels very alone at first, but quickly makes friends and finds her support.
    Both books are page turners, but for different reasons.  Alabama Moon has adventure and danger while The Selection has adventure and romance.  

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