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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lost In The Sun

Trent makes me so frustrated throughout this book!  Trent likes to play sports, including hockey.  Unfortunately he was involved in an accident where he hit a friend in the chest with a hockey puck when they were playing for fun.  The friend, Jared, had an unknown heart condition, and the hit killed him.  Trent thinks that he is responsible for killing Jared and has a lot of anger.  This anger is taking over his life and makes Trent very unlikeable.  His teachers are understandably frustrated, but they continue to try and support him even though Trent is extremely rude.  He is supposed to visit his father weekly, but that relationship is strained and Trent makes excuses why he can't or won't go.  He has a wonderful relationship with his mother, but even she is at her wits end with Trent.  He also makes an unlikely friendship with a girl, Fallon Little, who accepts Trent for who he is and is incredibly patient with him even when he is unkind.  Trent is obviously angry with himself, but he takes that anger out on everybody around him including his teachers, his dad, and even Fallon.

This book made me frustrated with Trent and understand why he was doing what he was doing, all at the same time.  Lisa Graff creates wonderfully real, complicated characters in Trent and in Fallon.

If you like realistic fiction that deals with friendship, family issues, and loss, this might be a book for you!

Lost In The Sun

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